Our goal here is to help you give us and yourself the best possible service experience. Appliance Doctor ask that you remember we are not the manufacturer or holder of the contract and can therefore not make decisions or interputions of policy. Any dispute will require you dealing with the issuer of the warranty.  Any repair item not covered by warranty can be done under the C.O.D. program, (Cash on Delivery). We accept Visa,Mastercard, Discover and checks. (Checks are pre-run through Telecheck Approval Services).

When requesting service and you have a contract or extended warranty coverage please contact those companies prior to us. Many require pre-approval and verify we are authorized in their system for billing them. Most manufacturers require we verify date of purchase for 1st year warranty coverage. This usually means they require a copy of the sales receipt when we submit our claim. Please have a copy for the technician.

The form below includes required information and you can always call us to verify or clarify any concerns. We ask that all data be filled in assuring we can assist you with your request.